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Affiliation: TLD Registry
Country: Finland
Email: arto.isokoski [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Arto Isokoski Arto Isokoski]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @tldregistry

Arto Isokoski is the Co-Founder and CEO of TLD Registry, the world’s leading internet domain name registry that administers two Chinese IDNs, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网).[1]

Isokoski is a Finnish entrepreneur well-known in the internet and mobile technology sectors. Aside from his CEO position for TLD Registry, Arto is also a partner in directory assistance innovator for Suomen 16100 Ltd., Suomen Vaihdepalvelut Ltd., and owner of Apila Media, a provider of mobile, internet and consulting related services.


Isokoski received two B.Sc. degrees in both electronic engineering and information technology, as well as completing and receiving an M.Sc degree from Oulun yliopisto (The University of Oulu) in Finland in 2002. Prior to founding TLD Registry, Isokoski held a variety of business development and project management roles at innovative technology and media companies in Finland, including Finnet Media, Jutel, and Tecono. He was also a senior R&D engineer at Nokia for over five years.


In 2008, Isokoski founded TLD Registry in Finland. After hearing about ICANN’s announcement to implement the new gTLD program, Isokoski partnered with Jarno Majamäki and angel investment group Vision+ Fund, and began research on China’s internet domain name market. After several years of research, Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website were selected as the primary strings, and applications were submitted to ICANN.

In 2013, Isokoski signed a Formal Registry Agreement with ICANN for Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) and Dot Chinese Online (.在线). Isokoski noted that “for the first time since China joined the internet in 1994, Chinese netizens will type or handwrite URLs in all simplified or traditional Chinese characters using the natural terms they employ for their web searches: ‘.online (.在线)’ and ‘.Chinese language website (.中文网)’.”[2]

Isokoski currently holds three patents, two of which have been granted. The first invention relates to a printed circuit board having a heating method employing a heating element for generating heat required to heat printed circuit board components. The patent was filed on January 6, 2000, and issued on February 6, 2001, and assigned by Nokia.[3] A second invention relates to a method for broadcasting a programme, a system for broadcasting a programme and a subscriber terminal of a cellular radio network for receiving a programme. This patent was filed on November 26, 2003 and issued on September 30, 2008, also assigned by Nokia.[4]A final invention relates to a programme survey system, an arrangement for a programme survey, and a method for performing a programme survey. This patent was filed on October 5, 2004.[5]


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