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Organization: JPRS
Region: Asia
Country: Japan
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Atsushi Endo is the Director of DotAsia and the Deputy Manager of Japan Registry Services Co. Ltd. (JPRS), the .jp ccTLD registry.[1] His job responsibilities at JPRS include corporate planning, external affairs, and public relations of JPRS.[2]

Atsushi Endo acted as the co-chair of the AP Retreat Meeting in Tokyo held in January 2006.[3] He has also been involved in "Internet Next Generation" activities in the Asia Pacific Region; including his role as the of vice-chair of the 5th Asia Pacific Next Generation Camp, which was hosted by APNG, the Asia Pacific Networking Group, in 2004.

Atsushi graduated from Sophia University, Tokyo with a B.A. in Law and holds a M.A. in Political Science from Keio University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo.

Career History

In April 2001, he joined the Corporate Planning Office of JPRS.

He has been serving as the Director of DotAsia since September 2006.