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Atsushi ENDOPortrait.jpg
Atsushi ENDOCaricature.jpg
Country: Japan
Facebook: Facebook.png   [Atsushi ENDO Atsushi Endo]

Atsushi ENDO is the Director of DotAsia and Deputy Manager of Japan Registry Services Co. Ltd (JPRS), the .jp ccTLD registry.[1] His job responsibilities at JPRS include corporate planning, external affairs, and public relations of JPRS etc.[2]

Atsushi ENDO acted as the co-chair of AP* Retreat Meeting in Tokyo held in January 2006.[3] He has also been involved in "Internet Next Generation" activities in Asia Pacific Region including his role as the of vice-chair of 5th Asia Pacific Next Generation Camp, which was hosted by Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG) in 2004.

Atsushi graduated from Sophia University, Tokyo with a B.A. in Law and holds a M.A. in Political Science from Keio University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo.

Career History

  • In April 2001, he joined the Corporate Planning Office of JPRS.
  • He has been serving as the Director since September 2006.