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Type: Profit Corporation
Industry: Regional Internet Registry
Website: [6]

’’’Avarteq’’’ is a company providing web hosting and development services. [1]

About Avarteq

With more than 10 years experience on the market, Avarteq is an IT agency providing services related to web development and hosting. Headquartered in Berlin, one of the most important services that the agency is known for providing is programming in Ruby on Rails. [2] Avarteq (or also known as Avarteq GmbH) has also developed two hosting brands: RailsHoster.de and EnterpriseRails.de which offer services specialized on Ruby on Rails for start-up companies.[3] Ruby on Rails is a web programming software that helps programmers write the codes behind websites in a far more user-friendly interface benefiting also from the input brought by other users. [4]

Avarteq and ICANN

Key Systems and ICANN accredited registrar invested funds for Avarteq's successful development on the software development market.[5]