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Organization: GoDaddy
Affiliation: SSAC
Stakeholder Group(s): Technical Community
Region: North America
Country: United States
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Ben Butler

Ben Butler is Director of Global Policy at GoDaddy, where he is responsible for creation, coordination, and enforcement of internal and public policies relating to security, privacy, and abuse. Prior to this role, he served as a Director of IT Security Operations and Privacy where he was responsible for the teams that create and maintain systems for security operations, data privacy, security content, and user administration. He is especially passionate about keeping the internet a safe and enjoyable place for children. He also is responsible for efforts to identify, investigate, report, and remove child abuse content. He has been with GoDaddy since December 2001, previously as the Director of Network Abuse.[1]

Butler has been involved with ICANN as a member of SSAC since 2013.[2]

Though he calls himself "one of the world's foremost pessimists", Butler has worked to draft and improve US legislation such as the Protect Act of 2008, which helps protect children online, as well as The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Act. In the future, he hopes to continue "raising awareness of prevalent security issues and drive toward improved prevention and remediation of Internet Crimes, especially those affecting children."[2]

In addition to policy and advisory efforts at ICANN[2], Butler has been an active participant and speaker at various other security and abuse conferences including APWG, MAAWG, Internet Crimes Against Children, Technology Coalition, Blackhat, and SXSW.



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