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Country: France
Email: ben [at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Benjamin Louis
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @benlouis

Benjamin Louis is the CEO of Sparkling. The company manage the .alsace GeoTLD. The TLD represents the Alsace Region in France. Mr. Louis works closely with ICANN and AFNIC to ensure the well-being of .alsace. Benjamin LOUIS works closely with the Region Grand Est, the local public authority owns the .alsace.

Before Sparkling, Mr. Louis was head of the project for the Region Grand Est, in charge of the .alsace.

Mr. Louis has previously worked as a consultant for SdV Plurimedia, a french web agency, hosting center, non-accredited registrar.

He is a web veteran and has worked in the field since 1998.

He is also board member at Afnic


Benjamin obtained his Master's degree in Marketing and international management at Centre MIM in Strasbourg.


Mr. Louis speaks French and English. [1]