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Country: France
Email: bertrand.louveau [at]
LinkedIn: link=Bertrand Louveau   [Bertrand Louveau Bertrand Louveau]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @BertrandLouveau

Bertrand Louveau is the Director of Marketing and Innovation at AFNIC.[1] He is also the Founder and Associate Director of BeSpoke Consulting. Mr. Louveau's responsibilities at AFNIC include overseeing marketing for the .fr registry, and developing AFNIC's presence in the ccTLD and gTLD markets. Bespoke Consulting is located in Marseille and Paris, they provide marketing and business consultancy for IT companies.[2] He has held his AFNIC role since 2011, and through it he is also involved in CENTR.[3]

Previous Experience

Prior to founding Bespoke in 2009, Mr. Louveau spent 3 years as the Director of International Business Development for Mobile Distillery,, a developer of mobile technology and apps. During this time he established an office in Singapore and business channels into India and SE Asia. He has further experience directing and consulting for other mobile and wireless technology companies, electronic designers, Asian outsourcers, and other IT companies. Much of his experience focuses on International development projects.[4]

He has Masters degrees in Business Administration from various Institutions, and has also taken executive education programs.[5]