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Country: USA
Email: hinden [at]
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Robert (Bob)[1] Hinden is a Member of Board of Trustees at The Internet Society, Check Point Fellow at Check Point Software Technologies[2] and IAOC Chair, 6MAN w.g. CoChair at IETF IPv6 working group.[3][4]

Career History

Previously Mr. Hinden was the CTO at Nokia IP Routing Group. He was the fourth employee of the Ipsilon Network, which was taken over by Nokia in 1997. He has also worked at Sun Microsystems as the Manager of Internet Engineering. He worked at Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc. on a variety of internetwork related projects including the first operational internet router and one of the first TCP/IP implementation.[5]

He has been involved with the IETF since 1985. He was the chair of the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol in IEFT, co-chaired the Simple Internet Protocol Plus working group and founded and chaired the IP over ATM and the Open Routing working groups.[6] He is also the co-inventor of IPv6.[7]

Mr.Hinden was a Speaker at the GoGoNetLive Conference in Silicon Valley in 2010.[8] He became a Member of the Board of Trustees at The Internet Society in 2010[9], and was elected Chair of the Board in August of 2013[10].


Mr. Hinden has a B.S.E.E., and a M.S. in Computer Science from Union College.[11]


He is the author of 36 RFCs that can be read here. He is also a member of the RFC Editorial Board.

Awards and Honors

Mr. Hinden was the co-recipient of the 2008 IEEE Internet Award For Pioneering Work in the development of the first Internet routers.[12]