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| linkedin        = [http://link Company Name]
| linkedin        = [http://link Company Name]
| twitter        = twitterhandle
| twitter        = twitterhandle
| keypeople      = name, title
| keypeople      = [[Heath Dixon]], President

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BRG Logo Retina.jpg
Type: non-profit organization
Industry: Registry
Founded: place, year
Founder(s): name of founder(s) here
Ownership: current ownership, year purchased
Headquarters: address
Country: USA
Businesses: list business owned/subsidiaries
Products: list
Employees: number (year)
Revenue: $X (year)
Email: email [at] company.com
Website: https://brandregistrygroup.org/
Blog: Blog Name
Facebook: Company Name
LinkedIn: Company Name
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@twitterhandle
Key People
Heath Dixon, President

Current Topics

The BRG is concerned with several developments as they pertain to .brand interests.[1]


DNS Abuse

Next Round

The ODP for the "SubPro" timeline has been extended from seven months to 10 months to potentially 2023.[2]


  1. ICANN 72 Prep, BRG Connect, October 2021
  2. "GNSO:BRG - Regulation, DNS Abuse and the Next Round - dotBrand Perspectives," October 25, ICANN 72