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Country: USA
Email: bfausett [at]

link=Bret Fausett   [Bret Fausett Bret Fausett]

Facebook: link=Bret Fausett   [Bret Fausett Bret Fausett]
LinkedIn: link=bret-fausett   [bret-fausett Bret Fausett]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @bretfausett

Bret Fausett is an attorney at Cathcart, Collins & Kneafsey, LLP, a Los Angeles-based law firm. His job responsibilties include representing domainers in UDRPs and civil litigation. He is also actively involved in the domain industry. [1]

Bret Fausett has represented the interests of domain name registrants and end users before ICANN, attened ICANN's Generic Domain Names Supporting Organization's Names Council and serving with ICANN's At Large Advisory Committee.

He writes regularly in his two domain industry blog [1] and his weblog Lextext. He produces a regular podcast, Internet Pro Radio, which often covers ICANN issues and Internet Governance.