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|portrait  = BrunoCosciaPortrait.jpg
|portrait  = BrunoCosciaPortrait.jpg
|caricature = BrunoCosciaCaricature.jpg
|caricature = BrunoCosciaCaricature.jpg
|affiliation = DevOps Engineer
|affiliation =Ericsson
|born      = Paraguay
|born      = Paraguay
|country    = Finland
|country    = Finland

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Affiliation: Ericsson
Country: Finland

LinkIcon.png   [About.me About.me]

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Bruno M. Duarte Coscia Bruno Marcel Duarte Coscia]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @CrystalBlood

Bruno Marcel Duarte Coscia is a DevOps Engineer at Ericsson.[1][2] Before that, he was a specialized technician of the Network Operations Center of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción's Centro Nacional de Computación. He worked as a project leader and lead developer of a new implementation program for the management of domains under the ccTLD .PY www.nic.py, to be followed by an implementation of DNSSEC and a DNS resolver over IPv6.

ICANN 51 in Los Angeles was his first ICANN Meeting as a Fellow[3].