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Type: Not-for-profit
Industry: Internet governance
Founded: UK (1999)
Headquarters: Belliardstraat 20, 1040 Brussels
Country: Belgium
Website: centr.org
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@centr
Key People
Peter Vergote, Chairman
Peter Van Roste, General Manager
Wim Degezelle, Communications Manager
Linda Verhaegen, Office Manager
Patrick Myles, Information Manager
Mathieu Weill, AFNIC Rep
Juhani Juselius, Treasurer of the Board & FICORA Rep
Annebeth Lange, Board Member & NORID Rep
Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, Board Member & .se Rep

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The Council for European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) is an association of Internet country code top-level domain registry (ccTLD) managers,[1] whose objective is to promote and participate in the development of high standards for ccTLDs.[2]

CENTR provides a forum to discuss matters of policy affecting ccTLD registries. It acts as a channel for communication between registries, Internet governing bodies, and other organizations involved with the Internet, and promotes the interests of not-for-profit ccTLDs, lobbying on their behalf.[3] It does not speak or act for individual registry managers. [4]

Although CENTR has a European focus, there are no geographical limitations on membership.


The project that was to become CENTR began as an offshoot of RIPE NCC in March 1998[5] and was funded informally by participating registries. In 1999, CENTR was legally established in the UK as a non-profit company separate from RIPE. In 2006, CENTR relocated to Belguim. CENTR activities are funded by membership fees and are performed by a secretariat based in Brussels.[6]


As of January 2011, CENTR consists of 51 Full Members, 9 Associate Members and has granted Observer status to 11 organisations.[7]

Member OrganizationCENTR Representative(s)TLDs
.se (IIS)Danny Aerts.se
AFGNICMuhammad Aslam.af
AFNICMathieu Weill.fr, .yt, .re, .wf, .tf, .pm
AKEPAdriatik Allamani.al
Andorra TelecomJoan-Marc Lauga i Courtil.ad
ARNESBarbara Povse Golob.si
CARNetZoran Vlah.hr
CHIPBalazs Martos.hu
CIRAMichael G. Stewart.ca
Coordination Center for TLD RUAndrei Kolesnikov.ru
CZNICOndrej Filip.cz
DENICStephan Welzel.de
Department of Telecommunications of the Governorate of the Vatican City StateP. Fernando Vérgez.va
DK HostmasterPer Koelle.dk
DNS BelgiumPhilip Du Bois.be
doMEnZeljko Draskovic, Predrag Lesic, Natasa Djukanovic.me
Domicilium LtdPhil Adcock.im
DomregDaiva Tamulioniene.lt
EURidMarc Van Wesemael.eu
FCCNPedro Veiga.pt
FICORAJuhani Juselius.fi
FORTH-ICSVaggelis Segredaski.gr
IEDRDavid Curtin.ie
IPM/IRNICAlireza Saleh.ir
Island NetworksNigel Roberts.gg, .je
ISNICJens Petur Jensen.is
ISOC-ILDoron Shikmoni.il
IT-NICDomenico Laforenza.it
NASKArtur Piechocki.pl
NIC.ACPaul Kane.ac, .sh, .io
NIC.ATRichard Wein.at
NIC.FOIsak Jacobsen.fo
NIC.LIVKatrina Sataki.lv
NIC.TRAttila Özgit.tr
NIC MaltaVictor Nezval.mt
Nominet UKLesley Cowley.uk
UNINETT Norid ASHilde Thunem.no, .bv, .sj
PNINAMarwan Radwan.ps
RED.ESSebastián Muriel.es
Register.BGDragomir Slavov.bg
RESTENA DNS-LUGilles Massen.lu
RNCEugenie Staicut.ro
RNIDSGoran Milankovic.rs
Sapphire NetworksJimmy Imossi, Desiree Miloshevic.gi
SIDNRoelof Meijer.nl
SK-NICPatrik Krauspe.sk
SWITCHMarcel Schneider.ch, .li
UCY-DNSAgathoclis Stylianou.cy

Associate OrganizationCENTR Representative(s)TLDs
.org, The Public Interest RegistryAlexa Raad.org
AfiliasDesiree Miloshevic.info
CNNICJian Zhang.cn
JPRSHiro Hotta.jp
NeuStarMarco Bernardi.us, .biz
NIC-MexicoOscar Robles-Garay.mx
VerisignRicardo Pedraza Barrios.com, .net, .cc, .tv

Observer OrganizationCENTR Representative(s)TLDs
AfTLDEric Akumiahnone
APTLDRamesh Kumar Nadarajanone
AutonomicaKurt Erik Lindqvistnone
EuroISPAMichael Rotertnone
European CommissionMichael Niebelnone
ICANNKim Daviesnone
ISOCFrederic Doncknone
LACTLDErick Iriarte Ahonnone
NLnetLabsOlaf Kolkmannone
OARCDuane Wessels.eu
RIPERob Blokzijlnone
RIPE NCCAxel Pawliknone


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