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Type: Not-for-profit
Industry: Internet governance
Founded: UK (1999)
Headquarters: Belliardstraat 20, 1040 Brussels
Country: Belgium
Website: centr.org
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@CENTRnews
Key People
Peter Vergote, Chairman
Peter Van Roste, General Manager
Nina Elzer,
Policy Advisor/>Linda Verhaegen, Office Manager
Patrick Myles, Information Manager
Lise Fuhr, Board Member & DK Hostmaster Rep
Richard Wein, Treasurer & NIC.at Rep
Giovanni Seppia, Board Member & EURid Rep
Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, Board Member & .se Rep

The Council for European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) is an association of Internet country code top-level domain registry (ccTLD) managers,[1] whose objective is to promote and participate in the development of high standards for ccTLDs.[2]

CENTR provides a forum to discuss matters of policy affecting ccTLD registries. It acts as a channel for communication between registries, Internet governing bodies, and other organizations involved with the Internet, and promotes the interests of not-for-profit ccTLDs, lobbying on their behalf. It does not speak or act for individual registry managers. [3]

Although CENTR has a European focus, there are no geographical limitations on membership.


The project that was to become CENTR began as an offshoot of RIPE NCC in March 1998[4] and was funded informally by participating registries. In 1999, CENTR was legally established in the UK as a non-profit company separate from RIPE. In 2006, CENTR relocated to Belguim. CENTR activities are funded by membership fees and are performed by a secretariat based in Brussels.[5]


As of January 2013, CENTR consists of 51 Full Members, 9 Associate Members and has granted Observer status to 11 organisations.[6]


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