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Country: Argentina

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Carlos Dionisio Aguirre is the Chairman and Owner of SitioDerecho, an organization which acts as a legal and economic advisor to other companies.[1] He is also the International Director of AGEIA DENSI.


Carlos is the former ALAC and NCUC liaison, and the Chair of Participation and Engagement for ICANN.[2]

He is a member of the GNSO Council from 2011-2012, and an ALAC member from 2007-2011.[3]


  • Carlos completed his Law Education from University of Cordoba in 1988.


Carlos Aguirre is a professor of Economy and Information Law at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and at the South School on Internet Governance.[4] He teaches such courses as “Law, Economic and Bussinnes in the Information Society”, and post-graduate courses on "E-Commerce".

He is the Vice President of ADIAR (Argentinian Asociation of Informatic Law), the International Director of AGEIA DENSI.[5]