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[[Category: Glossary]]
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A registrar is the company that has a direct relationship with the domain name registries and is authorized to sell domain names to Registrants. Registrars become accredited via an ICANN process in which they meet both business and technical requirements.

Related Terms

  • Accredited Registrar: A Registrar that has been certified as meeting certain minimal criteria to act as a Registrar for a specific TLD. This term is almost solely used when referring to Registrars that have been certified by ICANN. ccTLD Registries also accredit registrars, and though they may use differing terms, the concepts are largely the same.
  • Sponsoring Registrar: The Registrar responsible for the submission of the domain name to the Registry.
  • Registrar Operator: A term used to denote the entity providing the technical services to a Registrar in support of their registration services. Also referred to as a registrar Outsourcer" or "Registrar Provider"

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