Cayman Islands Utility Regulation and Competition Office

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Ofreg logo ky.png
Industry: Registry
Country: Cayman Islands
Email: kyadmin [at]
Website: Administration:

Registration: Uniregistry - .ky

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) of the Cayman Islands manages the .ky ccTLD.[1] Administration & regulatory development is handled by OfReg's Information Communications & Technology Authority (ICTA), while technical registry operations and registration services are provided by Uniregistry.[1] Previously an independent agency, ICTA requested redelegation of the .ky domain in 2002; the request was granted in June 2003.[2] ICTA subsequently joined the ccNSO in 2004.[3]


The .ky domain is an Open Use ccTLD. The decision to open the domain was made in 2015.[4] Registration is available under .ky, as well as under second level domains,, and[5] The potential for domain hacking words or names ending in -ky notwithstanding, the domain is relatively unused. As of March 2021, the domain has approximately 6,500 active registrations.[6]