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|country    = Germany
|country    = Germany
|email      =  
|email      =  
|website    =  
|website    = [http://order.1and1.com/xml/order/Home;jsessionid=55CC519517068F20A30278274306349E.TCpfix142a?__reuse=1297462541172 Company website]
|twitter    =  
|twitter    =  
|facebook  =  
|facebook  =  

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Country: Germany

LinkIcon.png   [Company website Company website]

LinkedIn: link=claudia-kl%C3%B6ckl/11/782/441   [claudia-kl%C3%B6ckl/11/782/441 Claudia Kloeckl]

Claudia Kloeckl is a Product Manager Domains, SSL, IP at 1&1 Internet AG

Career History

  • Product Manager Domains, Mail, eCommerce UK at 1&1 Internet AG
  • Project Manager at Social Support GmbH
  • Self-Employed (Special Projects) at Aero-Baggage, Ein-Druck, Netpioneer et al
  • Product Manager at Netviewer AG
  • Training Manager at MAP&GUIDE GmbH
  • Self-Employed Trainer at DaimlerChrysler, ZDF, Heidelberger Zement et al
  • Self-Employed (Special Projects) at 3. Medical Hospital, Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz
  • Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/Hilfskraft (Research assistant) at Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (Computer Center), Universität Mainz (University of Mainz)


  • IHK Karlsruhe (Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe)
  • Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • York University