Community Onboarding Program

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The Community Onboarding Program (formerly the Community Mentor Program) is an initiative of ICANN's Development and Public Responsibility Department to build newcomer capacity in community activities. It launched ahead of ICANN 55 in Marrakech and will continue for ICANN 56 in Helsinki. As a pilot program it is not yet known if it will continue for ICANN 57 in Hyderabad and beyond.



Mentor At Large Cheryl Langdon-Orr
Mentee At Large Isaac Maposa   
Mentee At Large Beran Gillen
Mentor GAC Tracy Hackshaw   
Mentee GAC Rapid Sun   
Mentor BC Marilyn Cade   
Mentee BC Lawrence Olawale-Roberts   
Mentor NCUC Kathy Kleiman   
Mentee NCUC Sana Ali   
Mentee NCUC Ayden Férdeline  
Mentor NPOC Martin Valent
Mentee NPOC Agustina Callegari   
Mentor IPC    Dusan Popovic   
Mentee IPC    Aleksandar Icokaev