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Community TLD Applicant Group (CTAG) is an informal group which, as of January 2014, was comprised of 29 community TLD applicants which represented a slightly larger number of community TLD applications.[1] That number was down from February 2013, when they had 29 community TLD applicants representing 40 community TLD applications.[2]

In February 2013, CTAG sent a letter to ICANN requesting a clearer definition of community TLDs for the new gTLD Registry Agreement. This decision followed after the ICANN Regional Registry-Registrar meeting held in Amsterdam on 24-25 January, 2013, and it was decided then that any communications and proposals CTAG made to ICANN regarding the issue would be published on ICANN's website, to aid with transparency and awareness of the issue.[2]

Nonetheless, CTAG asserted that additional proposals and agreements, as well as their incorporation, were not refusals to accept the Base Agreement. The inclusion of "Community Commitments" in the Base Agreement would be achieved in a way that avoided creating delays, by adding a reference to a new "Community Commitment Specification" for community TLDs to section 2.18 of the existing Base Agreement.[2]

The specification would be similar to Appendix S to ICANN's sponsored TLD Registry Agreements and would include the following elements:[2]

  • Definition of Community
  • Elibility, Name Selection, and Content & Use Provisions
  • Delegated Authority and Selection of Registrars[2]

As of 2014 February, CTAG has been fairly inactive on their Twitter and website presences.[3]


CTAG members as of February 2014 are as follows:[1]

  1. .adac - Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. (ADAC)
  2. .archi, .immo, .ski - STARTING DOT
  3. .bank, .insurance - fTLD Registry Services, LLC
  4. .barcelona - Municipi de Barcelona
  5. .berlin - dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG
  6. .corp, .inc, .llc, .llp - Dot Registry LLC
  7. .cpa - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  8. .eco - Big Room Inc.
  9. .gal - Asociacion puntoGAL
  10. .gay - dotgay llc
  11. .gmbh - TLDDOT GmbH
  12. .gree - GREE, Inc.
  13. .hamburg - Hamburg Top-Level-Domain GmbH
  14. .hotel - HOTEL Top-Level-Domain S.a.r.l
  15. .kids - DotKids Foundation Limited
  16. .med - HEXAP SAS
  17. .music - DotMusic / CGR E-Commerce Ltd
  18. .music – .music LLC / Far Further
  19. .ngo, .ong - Public Interest Registry
  20. .osaka - Interlink Co., Ltd.
  21. .quebec - PointQuebec Inc
  22. .radio - European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  23. .scot - Dot Scot Registry Limited
  24. .shop - Commercial Connect LLC
  25. .sport - SportAccord
  26. .tatar - Coordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republic LLC
  27. .tennis - TENNIS AUSTRALIA LTD
  28. .tirol - Punkt Tirol GmbH
  29. .versicherung - dotversicherung-registry GmbH


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