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Type: Registry
Country: Comoros Islands
Email: directeur.general [at]
Website: Comores Telecom

Comores Telecom is the sponsor organization and registry operator for the .km ccTLD for Comoro Islands.[1] Comores Telecom joined the ccNSO in 2012.[2]


The .km domain has minimal registrations - less than 200 as of March 2021.[3] It is unclear how to register a .km domain. IANA's root database states that registry operations are hosted at, but the Internet Archive indicates that has been redirecting to Comoros Telecom's website since September 2017.[4] The current Comores Telecom site has very little information about domain registration. has records of registration procedures in French dating from 2015.[5] However, there is no indication that these policies are still in effect.


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