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The Complaints Office provides a centralized location to submit complaints about the ICANN Organization. It receives complaints, researches them; collects, reviews, and analyzes facts; and resolves issues as openly as possible. The Complaints office is meant to enhance ICANN's effectiveness and increase its transparency. The office aggregates data from complaints to identify and address operational trends. The Complaints Office handles complaints that do not fall under the purview of Contractual Compliance, Reconsideration, or the Ombudsman. The ICANN Complaints Officer is Krista Papac, who can be reached at complaints[@][1]


The ICANN Complaints Officer position was created in March 2017 to receive and analyze complaints about ICANN and provide transparency in service of ICANN's mission. The person in this position analyzes complaint trends and corrects overarching issues within the organization. The process was finalized in mid-July 2017.


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