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Industry: IT Services
Founded: 1984
Headquarters: 19-23 Blackfriars Road,
London, SE1 8NY
Country: UK

Computerwire Group Ltd. is an IT company offering advisory and research services.[1] The firm also offers industry intelligence services through different publications like daily network briefing, computer wire profiles, computegram, multimedia utilities and UnigramX.[2] The company also offers analyses of software products that encapsulate information associated with client server, internet, object oriented, intranet, systems management, data security and data warehousing. Computerwire also provides industry research services through publications like computer business review, computer finance, software futures, and mergers and acquisitions impact – an integrated research and news service of Computerwire.[3]


The services of the firm are targeted to the IT professionals to help them in making decisions, rationalizing costs of research and control technology. The company was established in the year 1984[4][5] and is headquartered in London.[6] Computerwire is a Datamonitor subsidiary. ComputerWire also has international presence with offices in Sydney, New York, San Francisco and Paris. The firm stays updated with the global IT market 24/7. [7] ComputerWire happens to be a leading supplier of Research, Opinion, integrated News and Analysis for the IT sector targeting on the 10 million+ IT professionals working in the $1 trillion worth IT marketing platform worldwide.[8]

Computergram International

Computerwire produces a daily newsletter furnished with news on the various developments in the IT sector or on newly announced products. This daily newsletter, called the Computergram International, is written by the news team of the company which has contributors from eight different technology practice groups such as Storage, Infrastructure, Global services, Business intelligence, technology finance, CRM, application development and wireless. For every key technology domain as mentioned, the analysts of the company produce market and technology analysis reports on a monthly basis besides performing the demand research plus consulting tasks as a part of the company’s advisory services.

Other Services

  • The company keeps the professionals in the IT industry updated with the latest researches and news in the market.
  • It follows the latest market trends and comes up with formulated and enhances IT strategies for long term.[9]
  • The firm reviews the competitive technological environment and puts forth reviews of the various key services and products.
  • Computerwire also performs assessment services for the mergers and acquisitions impact on the IT market and reveals the original cost of implementation projects.[10]
  • The company also identifies key supplier performances.[11]