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Core Competence logo.gif
Industry: Consulting Firm
Founded: USA, 1993
Founder(s): David M. Piscitello
Headquarters: Pennsylvania and South Carolina
Country: USA
Key People
Lisa A. Phifer, President

David Piscitello, Vice President

Core Competence is an IT consulting firm offering a full range of network and security services. The company has its offices in South Carolina and Pennsylvania, USA. [1]They specialize in security and network technologies, with a broad range of solutions encompassing competitive analysis, solution design, development of technical white papers, requirements assessments, product testing and vulnerability assessment. The company has developed years of experience in advising both small and large companies concerning their security and network system needs.[2]


Lisa A. Phifer has been the President of Core Competence since 1995 and is mainly engaged with network system design, implementation, evaluation, security and product management. David M. Piscitello is the Vice President of the firm; he founded the company in 1993 and has 30 years experience working in internetworking. He served as the president cum consultant of the company until ICANN appointed him as a SSAC Fellow. In 2007, Dave became the Senior Security Technologist at ICANN, after which he turned over the executive tasks at Core Competence to Lisa Phifer. Presently, Dave is the owner and occasional consultant, he also speaks and writes to the clients of Core Competence.


Consulting Services

The key areas where Core Competence offers consultation includes user needs assessments, technical white paper development, industry surveys, software integration, interface design and product testing. wireless WANs and LANs, switched and routed internetworking, secure remote access, 802.11/802.1X security, UTM firewalls, NAC, voice over IP, network management and VPN are the company’s areas of expertise.

Product Evaluation

The company offers equipment and product evaluation services on behalf of the clients, emphasizing on secure telecommuting solutions and remote/wireless access. Beta test products are also offered by the company for WLAN, VPN/firewall, router, network appliance and switch manufacturers. Core Competence also provides product evaluation services for technology publications comprising Info World, Business Communications Review, WatchGuard LiveSecurity, ISP-Planet, searchMobileComputing, Information Security, searchNetworking, and Wi-Fi Planet.

Conferences, Seminars and Webcasts

Core Competence also arranges for webinar, industry conference as well as on-site training for several network/security topics comprising NAC, IP Network Security, Wireless LAN Security, Virtual Private Networking and VOIP Security.

Software Products and Solutions

The company has created standardized operations systems components and network management applications including those from Hewlett-Packard, Objective Systems Integrators, Sun and DSET. The Cisco Enterprise Accounting system is based on the SNMP-based ISDN Accounting server software of Core Competence.


The company offers a wide range of network related services via complementing cooperative business partners. The company maintains a virtual platform through which it offers additional support by the staff. Some of the partners of the Core Competence include:[4]

Farpoint Group – With this company, Core Competence offers conference content and wireless test services.

Opus – In collaboration with Opus, the company arranges for VPN (Virtual Private Network) workshops.

Mactivity Inc. – Core Competence arranges for TISC or Internet Security Conference in partnership with this company.

Security Curve – Core Competence holds Security workshops in conjunction with Security Curve.

David Strom Inc. – The product evaluations of the company are done by assistance from David Strom.

TRA – The company offers IP Network Security corporate live-on-web as well as on-site raining via Telecommunications Research Associates.

Webtorials – Webtorials publishes the Technical white papers and articles of Core Competence.