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Country: Samoa
Email: Dave [at] samoa.ws
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [dave-main Dave Main]

Dave Main is the CEO at Main Enterprises (South Pacific) Ltd.[1]

Samoa's TLD .ws is sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Western Samoa. Dave Main is the Administrative Contact for .ws domain registration.[2]

Dave Main is also the representative of the founding member of APTLD.[3]

Dave Main is the member of the ccNSO Delegation & Redelegation Working Group from Asia-Pacific.[4] He has also attended the ICANN Brussels.[5]

In 2006, Dave Main has attended ICANN, ISOC, APTLD, PIFS, and Pacifica-IT events at Wellington,NZ. He has created a wonderful report on his trip detailing the meetings.[6]

Previously, Dave Main has worked as the Business Development Manager at Computer Services Ltd.