David Aragort

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Affiliation: RedesAyuda
Country: Venezuela

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David Aragort is the Chief of Institutional Relations at RedesAyuda. He has worked as a researcher and digital security trainer for journalists, human rights defenders, and social and political activists from Latin America and the Caribbean countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, and Brazil. He has collaborated with organizations that defend freedom, democracy, and human rights at a regional and global level.

Internet Governance

Aragort's IG involvement accolades have included:[1]

  • CEPPS Youth DRG Cross-Sectoral Advisory Group (2022-2023)
  • IRI Generation Democracy Member (2022)
  • Internet Society's Early Career Fellow (2022)
  • Alliance of Democracies - Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellow (2022)
  • Open Internet for Democracy Leader (2021-2022)

ICANN76 Playing Card Illustration

David is dressed like a spartan from ancient Greece as a reference to the Spartans in Halo. His outfit is orange with tiger stripes and he holds a sci-fi sword from Halo and his spartan helmet is disappearing in his hand as if he's about to teleport or go invisible.


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