Debbie Garside

Country: UK
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Debbie Garside is the Project Leader, Editor and Head of Research for ISO 639-6; she is also Managing Director of GeoLang Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer of the World Language Documentation Centre (WLDC).[1]

Debbie has been involved in language standards for over 5 years and is Convenor of ISO TC37/SC2/WG1/TG2 the committee responsible for ISO 639-6 Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages - Alpha4 Code for comprehensive coverage of language variants as well as the mirror committee within BSI in the UK; TS/1/-1. Debbie is also Liaison to BSI (British Standards Institute) IDT/2/11, and has represented BSI during TC46/WG2 meetings with regard to country codes; she is currently preparing an NWIP for a revision of ISO 3166-1.[2]

Debbie Garside resides in Wales, UK. In January 2010, she was the first recipient awarded a Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship.[3]

Career History

  • Debbie Garside was appointed by BSI as project leader for a new standard for the Internationalization of Country Codes in March 2007.
  • She has been appointed to the ccNSO-GAC IDN Joint WG; a committee that is charged by ICANN with investigating solutions for the Internationalization of ccTLDs.
  • She is a named contributor to RFC4647, the Internet Engineering Task Force standard for Language Tag Matching. She is also an active member in the IETF-language forum as well as the IETF LTRU forum. Debbie's interests span many fields but primary to this is her interest in facilitating a multi-lingual internet and multi-lingual thesauri.
  • She has most recently accepted an invitation as a board member of MINC (Multilingual Internet Names Consortium) and has been made project leader for the South Slavic Culture and Trade Engine (project name to be agreed) in partnership with OmegaWiki.