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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Domain Name Search Engine
Founded: Rome, 1999
Headquarters: US Office

Pier 38, Embacadero
San Francisco, CA 94107
Italian Office
Via G. Pezzana, 63
Rome, 00197, Italy

Businesses: Domain Name Creation
Software and Services,
Registration of Vanity Numbers
Products: Domain Suggestions, Phone Services, Domain Marketing
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@DomainsBot
Key People
Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO

Max Ralli, President & Co-Founder
Daniel Ruzzini Mejia, CSO & Co-Founder
Luca Martinetti, CTO
Massimo Andreasi Bassi, VP of R&D
Francesco Simoneschi, VP of Product Development

DomainsBot is the major provider of semantic based services to the domain industry.[1] They are industry leaders known for their unique and effective search technologies, domain name suggestion systems, and classification services which are utilized by other prominent registrars, like GoDaddy, Tucows,, 1&1, Directi, Sedo, and others.[2] Sedo became a minority investor in 2008.[3]


DomainsBot was launched in 1999 by two life-long friends, Daniel Ruzzini Mejia and Max Ralli, when they were still university students. The project began under the name, "Local Whois", and focused mainly on expiring domains. In 2002, they took over the DomainsBot enterprise.[4] In 2004, it began to integrate the semantic search engine, which it is know well-known for, and in 2008 Sedo invested in the venture.[5] While their semantic search engine has always been at the fore of the industry, it has also undergone improvements and optimization processes since its inception, most notably in 2007. The new version included improved self-learning capabilities, and new tools for user interaction, such as those that address aftermarket domains and suggested alternatives.[6]. On January 24th 2011 DomainsBot Inc, a DomainsBot Srl owned company, starts operations in San Francisco, CA.


DomainsBot focuses on helping its customers find an ideal available domain name from the primary and secondary domain markets. Their semantic search technology works with multi-language name proposition software and other domain analysis systems.[7] They offer supplementary services such as as a typo generator, which determines possible targets for cybersquatting, and graphic brainstorming tools, among others.[8]

In 2010, DomainsBot domain suggestion was responsible for more than 600,000 domain registrations.[9]


Domainsbot has deals with major companies, such as SEDO, to provide their customers with a searchable database of domains for sale. They work with over 100 registrars, which the customers are able to rate with regards to ease, price, service, and offerings. In this way Domainsbot's customers have the ability to share experiences and shop for the best possible registrar for their particular needs.