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dotBEST domains are being targeted at the companies and people that represent the best of the internet. Top businesses in each industry and product category will be able to list on dotBEST with the aim of using the TLD to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The dotBEST TLD will be marketed to consumers as a trustworthy, niche corner of the internet where the best products and services can be easily found.

Domains will be available to everyone and the TLD-owner reserves the right to vet the domain based on product and service reviews on social media.

dotBEST domains will be bundled with access to the dotBEST Social Network, powered by PeopleBrowsr's Social OS. Every internet user will be able to access the dotBEST Network where dotBEST domain owners are able to maintain their own self-branded dotBest Micronetwork to engage with partners, customers and prospects.

The dotBEST TLD is positioned as SEO- and PPC-friendly for business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to grow their customer base through improved search results. All other things being equal, search engine algorithms will likely prioritize a restaurant in Buenos Aires or a hotel in San Francisco on dotBEST for longtail searches such as “What is the best restaurant in Buenos Aires” or “Where are the best hotels in San Francisco” based on the qualification that the keyword best is part of the domain itself.