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Type: Privately Held
Founded: USA, 1998
Headquarters: Manchester, New Hampshire
Country: USA
Employees: 51-200
Website: dyn.com
Blog: Dyn.com Blog
Facebook: Dynamic Network Services, Inc.
LinkedIn: Dynamic Network Services, Inc.
Key People
Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO

Tom Daly, CTO
Kyle York, VP, Sales & Marketing
Gray Chynoweth, General Counsel, VP, HR

Dynamic Network Services, Inc., established in 1998 by a team of young technologists, is a company offering web hosting services and sophisticated web technology solutions. It is an IaaS and DNS services manager; they provide two different DNS platforms, one for individuals and small businesses, and the other for larger corporations.[1] They claim to be the world's fastest growing provider of managed DNS.[2]

Dyn's current clients include: Twitter, CNBC, Netflix, Photobucket, Gawker, Pandora, and Zappos. They all use their Dynect Platform.[3]

In June, 2009, it became the first managed DNS provider to offer its Dynect Platform clients DNSSEC.[4]


Dyn began in 1998 as a free service running out of a college apartment, at that time they offered users a DNS service capable of hosting a website from a home computer. As business continued to grow, they had to change their business model to be donation based. From there they became a recurring revenue SaaS company, until they realized, in 2005, that many prominent corporations were using their exclusive suite of software. Thus, they further catered their services to the corporate market, reassessed their financial requirements, and began to offer more unique options for DNS solutions.[5]

They began outsourcing to the market in 2007. In 2010, the company purchased three companies – SendLabs[6], EveryDNS[7] and EditDNS[8].


The company offers core engineering services specializing in Apache, Python, FreeBSD, OpenVPN and Perl. Hardware and networking facilities and services are also offered as uninterrupted internet connections, air conditioning, power, operating conditions, authentication systems and security services.


Dyn, Inc. was quickly wrapped up within the controversy of WikiLeaks' release of classified American documents as they provided web-hosting services for the site. Dyn stopped hosting Wikileaks on Dec. 2nd, 2010; Wikileaks had made its big release a month prior. Dyn has said it was forced to stop hosting the site after numerous DoS attacks, which put its ability to provide for its other 500,000 customers in jeopardy. [9]


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Awards and Recognitions

  • Business New Hampshire Magazine listed Dynamic Network Services in the first place amongst the Best Small Company working for in NH in December 2010[16]. It will also enter in the ‘Hall of Fame’ in the year 2011.
  • The company was at 2nd place amongst the Best Small Company working for in NH in the year 2009
  • The company was 2nd best business working for in NH.
  • In 2007 also Business New Hampshire Magazine rated it to be the best small business working for in NH
  • Dynamic Network Services got listed in Inc. 5000 list in the year 2007[17].
  • In 4 years i.e. from 2003 to 2007, the company’s growth rate was 208.7%, due to which it ranked 73rd in the list of "Top Companies in Telecommunications" in US by Trade Publication Inc. Overall it ranked 11th in New Hampshire.
  • Dynamic Network Services, Inc. also got Innovation Rocks! award for the January month by New Hampshire Division of Economic Development’s Business Resource Center.[18]