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Website: EAIGF.or.ke
LinkedIn: EAIGF 2010
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@EA_IGF
Key People
Alice Munyua, Convener

The East Africa Internet Governance Forum is organized to increase the participation of African countries in Internet Governance process and develop an understanding of ICT in Africa. EAIGF strives to create a native Internet environment and a better understanding of global Internet policies.[1]


The first ever EAIGF was held in Kenya in 2008.[2] It has since been organized annually. The yearly conference of EAIGF is convened by Alice Munyua and the host country takes responsibility for coordination.[3]

EAIGF 2011

The 2011 EAIGF was held on 17th - 18th August, 2011 at Lemigo Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. The details of 2011 conference can be downloaded from here.

EAIGF 2010

The 2010 EAIGF was held on 11-13 August 2010 in Kmapala, Uganda. At EAIGF 2010 participants agreed upon setting up a working group for strengthening the five ccTLDs. They also resolved to implore ICANN to do more to strengthen weak African ccTLDs.[4] The main discussion issues were:[5]

  • Cyber Security Management
  • Critical Internet Resources
  • IPv6 Implementation
  • Broadband Issues

EAIGF 2009

The second EAIGF was held in Nairobi from September 7 to 9, 2009. Consumer security was a main issue in this conference. Moreover, establishment of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and the development of weaker ccTLDs, such as Rwanda's, were included.[6]

EAIGF 2008

The 2008 conference was held from 10-12 November, 2008, in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference brought together 150 participants from local and government sectors. Major discussions were about the development of the African Internet, cyber security and participation in Internet Governance. Sponsors of the conference included:

  • The Kenya ICT Action Network - KICTANet.
  • The Kenya ICT Board - KICTB.
  • The Kenya Network Information Centre - KENIC.
  • The Communications Commission of Kenya - CCK.
  • The Association of Progressive Communications - APC.
  • The International Development and Research Centre - IDRC.
  • The East Africa ICT for Development Network.
  • Strathmore University.
  • The Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya - TESPOK.[7]