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== Would Gandhi Use Social Media? ==
If Gandhi were alive today, would he use social media? He was never anti-technology, or even anti-changing with the times. Quite the opposite, actually. If Internet technologies and social networks were around, he would certainly have embraced them -- but with a conscious mindfulness of their strengths and weaknesses.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/Would-Gandhi-Use-Social-Media-J39i2S.html Would Gandhi Use Social Media?]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html GoodvilleNews.com - good, positive news, inspirational stories, articles]]
== Food People Power ==
For many years, people living in West Oakland had accepted eating unhealthy food as a way of life. That is, until a small group of people decided to change their community through Mandela MarketPlace, a non-profit that partners with local residents and rural, minority farmers to bring fresh agricultural produce to their local corner stores. Mandela MarketPlace now represents the difference that youth can make by challenging prevailing paradigms - you CAN select what you put in your body.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/Food-People-Power-NPElli.html Food People Power]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html GoodvilleNews.com - good, positive news, inspirational stories, articles]]
== Authors Nominate Top Books of All Time ==
In 2002, the Norwegian Book Clubs gathered 100 authors from 54 countries and asked each one to list the 10 best works of fiction of all time. The authors responded and this list was created. The titles are arranged alphabetically by author name, so no one book stands above any other. The following list is the groups selection of the worlds 100 best books.How many have you read?
[[http://goodvillenews.com/Authors-Nominate-Top-Books-of-All-Time-kRj65H.html Authors Nominate Top Books of All Time]]
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== Rats Walking Again After Spinal Cord Injury ==
Scientists in Switzerland have restored full movement to rats paralyzed by spinal cord injuries in a study that spurs hope that the techniques may hold promise for someday treating people with similar injuries.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/Rats-Walking-Again-After-Spinal-Cord-Injury-nBLFSB.html Rats Walking Again After Spinal Cord Injury]]
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== 9 Steps to Achieving Flow (and Happiness) at Work ==
[Flow means] being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. --Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
[[http://goodvillenews.com/9-Steps-to-Achieving-Flow-and-Happiness-at-Work-LFdIya.html 9 Steps to Achieving Flow (and Happiness) at Work]]
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Enom logo.gif
Type: Privately Held
Industry: Internet, online domain name registration
Founded: Bellevue, WA, 1997
Founder(s): Paul Stahura
Ownership: Demand Media, 2006
Headquarters: 5808 Lake Washington Blvd, Ste. 300
Kirkland, WA 98033
Country: USA
Website: eNom.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@eNom
Key People
Taryn Naidu, General Manager

Chris Sheridan, Vice President of Sales
Billy Watenpaugh, Product Manager and Registry Liaison
Chris Ambler, Chief Software Strategist

eNom, is ICANN accredited and the world's second-largest domain name registrar, providing domain name registration, hosting and other online services.[1][2] Paul Stahura founded the company in 1997.[3]

In May 2006 eNom was acquired by Demand Media, and in 2007 eNom acquired BulkRegister.[4] It rose to become the second largest registrar following its acquisition of BulkRegister,[5] although it continues to be run as a separate service.[6]

eNom has a portfolio of vertical web properties that reach more than 100 million monthly visitors.[7]

Company History

Paul Stahura founded the company in 1997, it initially was run out of his garage using a single computer with an ISDN line.[8]

In 2007, eNom became the second largest domain registrar in the world,[9] with over 8 million registered domain names in 70 different domain extensions.[10] eNom's resellers are mostly web hosting and web development companies that use eNom's application programming interface (API) to buy and sell domain names on their own web sites, or eNom's hosted reseller solution—a customer retail website branded as the reseller's but hosted by eNom.

Their back-end systems can handle about 2 billion DNS queries a day, and maintains its name server constellation across six datacenters around the world. They forward over 11 million emails and block over 28 million spam messages every day.[11]

In October, 2007, eNom sunsetted its drop catcher website, ClubDrop.com, to partner with Network Solutions to create the aftermarket auction venue NameJet.com. NameJet became the auction venue for the expired domain inventory of Network Solutions.

The site auctions active names, dropped names, and names that are post-expiration.[12] Much of the Network Solutions inventory is classified as "Pre-Release" names. Features include: public auctions, private auctions, ascending-price and reverse auctions, proxy bidding, reserve price auctions, buy-it-now auctions.

eNom's Reseller Model

eNom sets up resellers two ways, through its PDQ tool, a semi-customizable domain name selling kit, or through API.

eNom resellers add revenue streams to their domain name businesses by offering eNom's Value Added Services (VAS). eNom's VAS products and services include web site hosting, web site creation kits, SSL Certificates, ID protection services, email services, website monitoring and traffic-counting tools.



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