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ICANNWiki is the indispensable resource for the ICANN community and people interested in internet governance. As an open platform managed by the community for the community, we provide valuable, up-to-date information that can be hard to find elsewhere.

ICANNWiki is independent from ICANN. In line with traditional Wiki Values, we maintain a Neutral Point of View in our content creation methods and site usage policies.

An ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon is typically a sponsored community event held at ICANN and other Internet Governance fora. The event is a chance for conference attendees to collectively engage in content creation and knowledge building. Typically, the event takes place at a defined location and time with attendees bringing their own laptops. The goal is to refine, edit and expand upon topics relevant to the attendees. Newer editors are given the chance to learn new wiki editing skills.

A common goal of an Edit-a-thon is to expand or highlight commonly marginalized actors or ideas within any given topic. Since some wikis rely on a smaller group of editors, an internal bias may arise. Edit-a-thons work to correct that bias or strengthen content that may be important, but has been somehow overlooked. ICANNWiki is a 501(c)(3) non-Profit, and all membership contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Edit-A-Thon Sponsors

Articles Created & Updated

Conference Article Classification
ICANN 54 Aftab Siddiqui Category:People
ICANN 54 Domain hack
ICANN 54 Domain Privacy
ICANN 54 Evgeny Morozov Category:People
ICANN 54 .ga ccTLD
ICANN 54 Internet of Things
ICANN 54 Internet Governance
ICANN 54 Karel Douglas Category:People
ICANN 54 Laureen Kapin Category:People
ICANN 54 Lawrence Olawale-Roberts Category:People
ICANN 54 MicroBoss Technologies Private Company
ICANN 54 NamesCon Conference
ICANN 54 .ps ccTLD
ICANN 54 Zonedb
ICANN 53 Daniel Marshall Category:People
ICANN 53 Chalmers & Associates Private Company
ICANN 53 Cross Community Working Party on ICANN's Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights‎
ICANN 53 .genting Brand TLD
ICANN 53 Judith Hellerstein Category:People
ICANN 53 New gTLD Brand Applications‎ Brand TLD
ICANN 53 NIC Argentina Category:Registries
ICANN 53 Niels ten Oever‎ Category:People
ICANN 53 Osama Tamimi Category:People
ICANN 53 .py ccTLD
ICANN 53 Raitme Citterio Category:People
ICANN 53 .skype Brand TLD
ICANN 53 Top Level Design Private Company
ICANN 53 .vistaprint Brand TLD


ICANN 53 - Edit-a-thon

Edit-A-Thon Pamphlets

Edit-A-Thon Image Gallery

Common Resources for Editing and Creating Content


  1. Domain Name Wire
  2. Domain Incite
  3. ICANN
  4. Circle ID
  5. The Domains


  1. Wiki-Editing Tutorial
  2. Wikipedia Cheatsheet
  3. Referencing for Beginners
  4. Creating and Adding Images
  5. Creating Your First Article