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(List of Articles to Edit/Create)
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==List of Articles to Edit/Create== <!--T:23-->
==List of Articles to Edit/Create== <!--T:23-->
* [[IANA Functions Stewardship Transition]]
* [[IANA Functions Stewardship Transition]]
* [[Universal Acceptance]]
* [http://icannwiki.com/Universal_acceptance Universal Acceptance]
==Articles Created & Updated== <!--T:24-->
==Articles Created & Updated== <!--T:24-->

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ICANNWiki is a small team of editors and contributors who have helped shape over 5,000 articles about ICANN, the DNS and Internet governance as a whole. Our goal is to continue to create and collaborate on relevant and educational articles that serve as a touchstone for our community. An edit-a-thon is a small, but powerful tool to start, grow or edit the information on ICANNWiki, and build a community of contributors.

Our Edit-a-thon is built to be a teaching and learning tool. Wiki-novices and experts join together to add to our collective knowledge surrounding the latest happenings in Internet governance and ICANN. It is our goal to build a wiki that reflects the expertise and experience of conference attendees, scholars and journalists. Please join ICANNWiki and your fellow attendees in creating a fun, educational event.

Event information & Registration

By registering, ICANNWiki can better measure the efficacy of this event and similar programs. If you are not able to register a username before the conference we can help you the day of the event.


ELMehdi ELBadaoui (talk) 12:11, 6 March 2016 (PST)

List of Articles to Edit/Create

Articles Created & Updated

Resources for Editing and Creating Content


  1. Domain Name Wire
  2. Domain Incite
  3. ICANN
  4. Circle ID
  5. The Domains
  6. nTLDStats


  1. Wiki-Editing Tutorial
  2. Wikipedia Cheatsheet
  3. Referencing for Beginners
  4. Creating and Adding Images
  5. Creating Your First Article