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Join ICANNWiki, the beloved, encyclopedic community resource for all things ICANN for another hands on Edit-a-thon that engages your brain and passions. Each hour and a half session highlights the project’s key values, long-term global goals involving capacity-building, translation initiatives and content localization. Also included in the session is a run-down of how to keep this info-rich site up-to-date and accessible to the world at large. Familiarity with wikis is a plus, but the only prerequisite is curiosity and an appetite to learn and share with your peers.

Prior to registering for the event, consider signing up for an ICANNWiki account here: We’ll also have a few computers on hand, but it’s recommended that you bring your own device to get started. The event will take place Tuesday, March 14 2-3pm (Hall C1.2) and Wednesday, March 15 11:00-12:45pm (Hall B3).


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Hosts: Dustin Phillips & Jackie Treiber