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Country: United States of America
Email: DomainNames[at]gmail.com

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Elliot Silver is an internet entrepreneur and founder of the popular Internet blog, ElliotsBlog.com, a website that was honored in 2008 with a Domainers Choice award. His principal job today remains running Top Notch Domains, LLC and Silver Internet Ventures, LLC, where he a full time domain name investor and publisher. Born in Nashua, NH, he currently makes home in Manhattan with is wife, Karen, and he is an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan. [1]

Professional Experience

Elliot started his career at Wunderman, a direct marketing and advertising agency, where he was employed as a Project Manager. In May 2005, nearly a year later, he joined AIG, the insurance company, as Senior Program Manager, managing direct marketing programs.

In May 2006, Elliot started Top Notch Domains, LLC a company specializing in domain name investments and monetization. The company operates websites such as DogWalker.com, DogGroomers.com, and Torah.com. In October 2007, Elliot moved permanently to his own company, turning his part-time hobby into his full time profession. Three years later, he started another company, Silver Internet Ventures, LLC, one that was specialized in web development, and was soon to be credited for operating such properties as Burbank.com, Lowell.com and TropicalBirds.com.

To date Elliot's company has sold over $1million of descriptive domain names.[2] Other achievements that Elliot can be attributed for are honors and awards obtained for Elliotsblog.com. In 2010, Elliot received a TRAFFIC award for Best Domain Blog and was again nominated in 2011.[3]


Elliot started university in 1998 at Muhlenberg College, achieving a Bachelor degree in Business History. In 2002, he enrolled at New York University, earning his Masters Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing.

Elliot was also involved in the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and the Order of Omega.