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Type: Private
Industry: Registry
Website: Employ Media

Employ Media LLC is the registry in charge of .jobs; a gTLD marketed toward the international Human Resource Management community. Employ Media is sponsored by The Society for Human Resource Management, and VeriSign.[1]

Controversial Expansion

According to regulations set forth by ICANN, .jobs was originally intended to be designed as a further resource for established corporations. In June of 2010, Employ Media petitioned ICANN to practically re-open .jobs as an entirely redefined TLD, which would be open to individuals interested in creating sites based off geographic location or other defining terms; such as, Chicago.jobs, or Marketing.jobs.[2] By August Employ Media was asking for proposals that would cater to its planned expansion.[3] They drew criticism for the highly controlling role they planned on taking when accepting and distributing new .jobs domains. ICANN revealed at its December, 2010, conference in Colombia that it would not allow Employ Media to expand beyond its original charter.[4]