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ICANN's Engagement Teams are responsible for leading outreach with stakeholders on ICANN and its mission around the world. The teams deliver on ICANN's commitments and core values.[1]


The Global Stakeholder Engagement team raises awareness and understanding of ICANN’s role and remit, encourages participation in ICANN policy development and technical activities, and shares knowledge with ICANN stakeholders. GSE is comprised of 34 staff members in 21 countries. It encompasses Global Business Engagement and Global Civil Society Engagement and works closely with the GE team and other ICANN departments with community-facing roles. In FY20, there were 350 engagement events and 100 capacity development events around the world.

GSE Leadership

Name Title
Sally Costerton Sr. Advisor to the President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement
Vice Presidents
Pierre Dandjinou Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, Africa
Rodrigo de la Parra Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
Baher Esmat Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director, Middle East
Jia-Rong Low Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Christopher Mondini Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director, Europe & Global Business Engagement
Naela Sarras Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, North America
Savenaca Vocea Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, Australasia/Pacific Islands
Regional Leaders
Mikhail Anisimov Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Yaovi Atohoun Stakeholder Engagement and Operations Director, Africa
Fahd Batayneh Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager, Middle East
Andrea Beccalli Stakeholder Engagement Senior Director, Europe (Southern)
Joe Catapano Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager, North America
Albert Daniels Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager, The Caribbean
Renate De Wulf Global Stakeholder Engagement Operations Specialist and Executive Assistant
Daniel Fink Stakeholder Engagement Director, Brazil
Samiran Gupta Head of India
Magali Jean Regional Office Administrator, EMEA
Patrick Jones Senior Director, Global Stakeholder Engagement
Sabrina Lim Global Stakeholder Engagement Programs Manager APAC
Celine Lioe Regional Office Administrator, APAC
Bob Ochieng Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager, East Africa
Adam Peake Global Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager, Civil Society
Seher Sagiroglu Global Stakeholder Engagement, Regional Specialist MEA
Rodrigo Saucedo Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives, Latin America and The Caribbean
Gabriella Schittek Global Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager – Nordic & Central Europe
Yien-Chin Tan Global Stakeholder Engagement, Regional Specialist APAC
Jian-Chuan Zhang Head of China


ICANN’s Government and Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) engagement team (GE) develops and implements a global strategy to engage with governments and intergovernmental organizations.[2] The GE team is comprised of political issue-based subject-matter experts who monitor and analyze government and IGO activities to ensure that ICANN has the necessary information and tools to address geopolitical issues impacting ICANN’s mission. The GE has been covering the discussions at the United Nations in New York since 2014. The GE also leads a multi-year educational effort, including regular workshops and seminars for diplomats as well as for relevant UN agencies, to provide factual information to the people negotiating Internet governance resolutions. The GE identifies potential avenues for collaboration on capacity-building activities for governments as part of a working plan with the ITU’s Development Sector (ITU-D); UNESCO on Universal Acceptance promotion; WIPO's Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs, and Geographic Indications; the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development; and OECD through the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC). Since its inception, the GE has been publishing papers on government and IGO deliberations on Internet governance.


ICANN Organization published its Charter on its Government Engagement Approach in February 2019.[3] In sum, ICANN emphasizes to governments and IGOs that it is a technical organization concerned with the interoperability of the Internet.

GE Roles

Geopolitical, Legislative, and Regulatory Developments

With ICANN 73, GE began hosting geopolitical updates.[4]


Country/Region Focus Reports

UN Updates

GE vs. GAC

At ICANN 72, Mandy Carver explained the difference between the GAC and GE. She said that many representatives in GAC come from regulatory bodies and is focused on technical capacity building for governments and IGOs. The GE tracks, analyzes, and interacts with representatives of governments' legislative bodies.[5]