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ICANN's Engineering & Information Technology (E&IT) department is the foundational "service provider" for ICANN. The E&IT team uses an integrative, collaborative process to gather demands for systems and prioritize work. Twice a year, senior leaders in ICANN org evaluate their respective function's current and future E&IT-related project demands. Projects include optimizing computer, network, and storage infrastructure, custom-coding fit-for-purpose software systems, and optimizing the infrastructure for such systems.[1]

Frozen Delivery Pipeline Process

The list of IT demands is managed via the following process. Feedback is gathered from each team, project proposals are aligned with ICANN's strategies, and cross-functional dependencies and impacts and community input are considered to prioritize requests. This process leads to a priority list of E&IT demands for each function within ICANN org. The projects are considered in light of community-reviewed and ICANN Board-approved budgets and the E&IT department’s capacity for each upcoming semester (January-June or July-December). The resulting list is called the “Frozen Delivery Pipeline,” which is then reviewed and approved by ICANN Senior Vice Presidents and the ICANN CEO.

E&IT Workstreams

The E&IT department has seven workstreams:

  1. Community Engagement: supporting Engagement with the ICANN community.
  2. Community Collaboration: working on tools and websites used by ICANN org, SOs, and ACs, such as the Information Transparency Initiative (ITI).
  3. Contracted Parties: supporting transactional work with registries and registrars
  4. Technical Services: the systems used by ICANN org and/or community to ensure contracted parties meet contractual obligations, such as Service Level Agreement Monitoring (SLAM), Zone File Access, and CZDS
  5. IANA Services: systems for performing the IANA functions, including root zone management.
  6. Staff Services: for the ICANN org, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions for HR and Finance, Intranet, email, and phone systems
  7. IT Infrastructure: systems and services such as Zoom, data centers, cloud, information security, and ICANN Managed Root Servers (IMRS).

E&IT Roles

  • SVP, Engineering and Chief Information Officer (CIO): Ashwin Rangan
  • Lead Infrastructure Engineer - DNS
  • Sr. Lead Infrastructure Engineer - DNS
  • Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - Network
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Sr. Lead Infrastructure Engineer – Architecture
  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer 2
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Technical Engagement Specialist
  • VP, Technical Engagement
  • Technical Engagement Manager
  • Regional Technical Engagement Manager
  • Technical Services Director
  • Director, Technical Services
  • Senior Director, GDS Technical Services
  • Technical Services Senior Manager* Technical Services Senior Manager
  • Sr Technical Lead- Software Engineering
  • Technical Lead, Software Engineering
  • Principal Software Architect
  • Sr. Software Engineer 1
  • VP, Software Engineering
  • Staff Software Engineer, QA Automation
  • Staff Software Engineer - Platforms
  • Software Engineer 2 - Salesforce
  • Software Engineer 1, Platform
  • Sr. Software Engineer 1, QA
  • Sr. Lead Software Engineer, QA
  • Software Engineer 2
  • Technical Lead, Software Engineering
  • Salesforce Engineer 2- Salesforce
  • Manager, Salesforce Solutions
  • Senior Developer - Python
  • Senior Localization Program Manager
  • Senior Java Developer
  • VP, Engineering - Stakeholder Community Solutions Delivery
  • IT Business Analytics and Intranet Services Senior Manager
  • Protocol Parameters Sr. Manager
  • Director, IROS Operations
  • Senior Director, Cloud/DC and MTS Operations
  • IT PMO Associate Project Manager
  • Senior Cryptographic Key Manager
  • Cryptographic Key Manager