Evolution of the Multistakeholder Model

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The Evolution of the Multistakeholder Model is an ICANN initiative focusing on resolving issues around six topics, in order of priority based on the input of the ICANN Community:

  1. Prioritization of the work & efficient use of resources;
  2. Precision in scoping the work;
  3. Consensus, representation, and inclusivity;
  4. Complexity of the Tools to Access Information and Data and Content
  5. Culture, trust and silos; and
  6. Roles and responsibilities.[1]


In 2019, in developing ICANN’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025, the ICANN Community raised concerns about the ICANN Organization's effectiveness, efficiency, and overall functioning. This feedback was the basis for strategic objectives on evolving ICANN’s MSM process. The ICANN Board asked a neutral facilitator with knowledge of ICANN and its processes to lead the data collection phase of the project, which was filled by Brian Cute, former Chair of the first and second Accountability and Transparency Review Teams. The community, board, and engaged over a nine-month period, including cross-community sessions at ICANN 64, ICANN 65, and ICANN 66) and three Public Comment proceedings.[2]