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[[Image:Fabulous_logo.gif|thumb|200px|right|Brisbane Queensland, Australia]]
== Introduction to Fabulous ==
== Introduction to Fabulous ==

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Brisbane Queensland, Australia

Introduction to Fabulous

Fabulous is a product that services retail registration and monetization customers. It specializes in generating revenue for their customers through pay per click (PPC) links from the traffic the domains receive. It offers exclusive and established partnerships with PPC providers and comprehensive management tools originally created for its in-house domain portfolio.

How it’s Done

Fabulous applies revenue producing contextual links to domains. Using unique phrase breaking technology they categorize domains and provide relevant content and images for maximum click through rates. Through relationships with quality PPC providers, Fabulous is able to pass on premium revenue sharing percentages to their partners.

Domain Management

Fabulous offers comprehensive account management services and an unprecedented level of control over portfolios using a unique set of domain management tools.

When adding domains to a Monetization account, the customer can request to have Fabulous to phrase break, categorize and optimize their domain names to ensure that the most relevant content is served.

Using the Domain Manager (DM) Center the customer can control the content that is displayed, pop-up windows and select from the revenue options of PPC or CPA deals.

DM Center features:

  • Domain Analytics & Revenue Reporting
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Account Keeping Management
  • Control to change look of your landing pages

Customers have access to quick snapshot reports of earnings, traffic and performance in many areas of their account, as well as detailed customizable revenue and domain analytics reports.

Revenue reports detail statistics such as impressions, uniques, clicks, sales and earnings, as well as giving a break-down of earnings per unique and earnings per click.

The Domain Analytics package gives the toolset to analyze domain name portfolios for further optimization opportunities. Customers can choose from our pre-defined report templates or build custom reports.

The Fabulous Premium Program

Fabulous’ Premium Program, a PPC revenue share initiative, creates results that are geo-targeted, resulting in higher click through rates and higher quality traffic.

Benefits of the Fabulous Premium Program:

  • More revenue - typically an average $42 to $100 CPM for commercial type-in domains (varying on the quality of the portfolio).
  • Domains are categorized to be keyword specific ensuring that the most relevant content and images are served.
  • PPC Results are geo-targeted resulting in higher click through rates and higher quality traffic.
  • Full service domain management (we'll look after the set up and categorization for you).

New Account Criteria

Fabulous services some of the most profitable domain owners online. To be eligible for a Fabulous Premium account customers must meet either of the following requirements:

  • Domain portfolio must generate US$750; per month
  • Transfer 750; domains to Fabulous

They are also primarily interested in serving portfolios that consist predominantly of English language .com domains which receive type-in/direct navigation traffic.

Payments from Fabulous

Fabulous payments are made on the 10th of each month, and customers are paid the revenue earned during the previous calendar month.

How payment is received:

  • Payment to Fabulous Account (default)
  • PayPal (minimum $25)
  • Wire Transfer (minimum $25 for US, $500 non-US)

(Payment is in US Dollars.)