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Country: Jordan
Email: fahd.batayneh [at] gmail.com
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Fahd Batayneh
ICANNLogo.png Currently ICANN Staff

Fahd Batayneh is ICANN's Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement for the Middle East. He joined the organization in October 2013.[1] He was previously the ccTLD/IDN ccTLD Manager of .jo/.الاردن at Jordan's National Information Technology Center (NITC), as well as a Board Member of APTLD,[2] a member of ISOC and ICANN's ccNSO, and a participant in IETF and IGF.[3]

Career History

Since 2008, Fahd has been a Names and Numbers and Internet Governance Specialist.[2]


Fahd has been working with ICANN since 2008. He has served as Jordan's .jo representative to ccNSO, and has been a member of the following groups:

  • Variant IDN Project – Arabic Case Study Team (VIP) (June 2011 – Present)
  • Joint ccNSO/gNSO IDN Working Group (JIG) (October 2009 - Present)
  • Incident Response Working Group (IRWG) (September 2009 – December 2010)
  • Strategic and Operational Planning Interaction Committee (SOP) (December 2008 - Present)
  • Community Wide Working Group on Geographic Regions (Geo WG) (December 2008 – Present)[2]


Mr. Batayneh has an MBA degree at the German Jordan University and a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University.[2]