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|website    =  
|website    =  
|blog      =  
|blog      =  
|twitter    =  
|twitter    =farzanehbadii
|facebook  = [https://www.facebook.com/farzaneh.badii?fref=ts Farzaneh Badii]
|facebook  = [https://www.facebook.com/farzaneh.badii?fref=ts Farzaneh Badii]
|linkedin  =  
|linkedin  =  

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Affiliation: Hamburg University
Country: Germany
Email: farzaneh.badii [at] gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.png   [Farzaneh Badii Farzaneh Badiei]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @farzanehbadii

Farzaneh Badii is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Law and Economics, Hamburg University. She is also a fellow at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) as well as at the Paris-based Internet and Jurisdiction Project. As a PhD candidate, Farzaneh researches Internet-related issues predominately revolving around governance and online intermediaries.[1]

ICANN & Internet Governance Activities

Farzaneh has attended 4-5 ICANN Meetings. In addition to her presence at ICANN, Farzaneh was involved as a consultant at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Secretariat and was a visiting scholar at Syracuse University's Internet Governance Project.


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