Farzaneh Badii

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Organization: Internet Governance Project
Country: U.S.
Email: farzaneh.badii [at] gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.png   Farzaneh Badii
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @farzanehbadii
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Farzaneh Badii is the Chair of the Noncommercial Stakeholder Group at ICANN. She was also the chair of Non-Commercial Users Constituency in 2017. She is a Research Associate at the Internet Governance Project at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, United States.

She was previously an associate researcher at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, a project manager at iRights, IGF Academy, a visiting scholar at Syracuse University, a consultant to the Internet Governance Forum Secretariat, and also briefly worked with the Internet and Jurisdiction Project in Paris.

She holds a PhD from Hamburg University, Germany.[1]


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