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Country: USA
Email: fay [at] centr.org

Fay Howard was brought on as the COO of the new gTLD registry management services company, Sedari, in December, 2011. She was previously the General Manager at CENTR.[1]

Career History

Ms. Howard was appointed as the First General Manager of CENTR in 1998.[2] She has since worked for Nominet UK and Eurid (.eu) as well as a number of TLD bids. She represented CENTR at meetings and maintained contact with other ccTLD registries and regional ccTLD groups.[3][4] At EURid, she was the project manager.[5] She joined EURid in 2002 and left in 2005.[6] While at EURid, she wrote the winning application for the .eu registry contract.[7]

Working at TERENA as an Executive Officer for 16 months was one of her first jobs in the Internet Industry and European networking community. Her orignal background is in insurance where she was a Senior Legal Liabilities Underwriter for many years.[8]

ICANN & Industry Participation

Ms. Howard attended RIPE 33, where she gave presentations on CENTR and ICANN/DNSO[9], RIPE 35, where she was a Chair[10] and RIPE 42.[11] Ms. Howard represented the Constituency Group for Country Code Top-level Domains at ICANN Cairo.[12]

She chaired the Meeting to form ICANN's ccTLD Constituency of the DNSO in 1999.[13] Ms. Fay has also worked at RIPE NCC[14] and she was the Project Manager of the initial RIPE CENTR project that started in early 1998.[15]


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