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The gTLD Accounts and Services Team supports Registry Operators and Registrars, serving as their primary point of contact within the ICANN Organization, acting as their advocate and representing their needs to other internal teams at ICANN. This team also oversees service design and launch. This department develops services for facilitating requesting processing of requests concerning information sharing or acquiring consent or approval from the ICANN organization, per the Registry Agreement and the Registrar Accreditation Agreement. GTLD Services encompass the lifecycle of gTLDs, including planning, design, implementation, and maintenance. Finally, the team implements consensus policies, working closely with the Implementation Review Team.[1]


Role Name
Director, gTLD Accounts Andee Hill
gTLD Services Manager Andrew Dickson
Senior Manager, gTLD Accounts Aysegul Tekce
gTLD Accounts Manager Cyrus Jamnejad
gTLD Services Manager Danielle Gordon
gTLD Services Manager Grant Nakata
Senior Manager, gTLD Accounts Howard Li
gTLD Accounts Manager Lisa Carter
Senior Manager, gTLD Accounts Mert Saka
gTLD Services Manager Michelle Wilson
Senior Manager, gTLD Accounts Mukesh Chulani
Vice President, gTLD Accounts and Services Russ Weinstein
Senior Manager, gTLD Accounts Valerie Heng