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Country: Puerto Rico
ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member

Dr. Ganesh Kumar is the Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Oriental Financial Group, Inc. In 2011, ICANN's Nominating Committee appointed him as a member of At-Large Advisory Committee from North America[1]. He has been praised by his colleagues in ICANN's ALAC for bringing his financial background to bear on its activities. He was a frequent ICANN participant beginning ICANN 41 in Singapore. He was involved in the Future Callenges Working Group, and ALAC's Finance sub-Committee.

Career History

Dr. Kumar's career history spans over 25 years and he specializes in strategic planning and Internet enabled initiatives. Dr. Kumar joined Oriental in 2004, before which he was the Director of Consulting Practice at Gartner, Inc. In this position, he helped a broad portfolio of companies in making strategic and operational plans.[2]


Dr. Kumar holds a doctorate in management with Beta Gamma Sigma honors from the Case Western University in Ohio. He also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from BIM and Bachelor's degree in Science from Madras University; both from India.