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Glenn Ricart

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Country: USA
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Dr. Glenn Ricart is an Internet pioneer and entrepreneur with a broad range of technology and business leadership experience in large corporations, startups, academia, the U.S. military, and government research.

Dr.Ricart is renowned for bringing the ARPAnet protocols into academic and commercial use. While at the University of Maryland in the '80s, he and his teams made the following innovations:

  • Created the first implementation of TCP/IP for the IBM PC
  • Created the first campus-wide TCP/IP network
  • Shipped and managed the software that powered the NSFnet, which was the first non-military TCP/IP national network
  • Created the first open Internet interchange point, the FIX and later MAE-EAST
  • Created the first operating NSFnet regional network, SURAnet.[1]

Career History

Dr. Glenn Ricart is currently a Board Member and the Secretary of The Public Interest Registry.[2] His previous positions have included President and CEO of National LambdaRail, Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Advanced Research, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of CenterBeam, and Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Novell.


Dr. Ricart has been involved in the founding of three start-ups: Consultants in Computer Technology, SURAnet, and CenterBeam. CenterBeam is still providing directory-based remote IT management services from San José.[3]