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|portrait  = HenryChangPortrait.JPG
|portrait  = HenryChangPortrait.jpg
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|caricature = HenryChangCaricature.jpg
|country    = Hong Kong
|country    = Hong Kong

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Country: Hong Kong
LinkedIn: link=Henry Chan   [Henry Chan Henry Chan]

Chun Hang Henry Chan is a Copywriter and the International Liaison Officer at Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited[1] and the Secretariat Director at APTLD.[2] Mr. Chan is a Member of ccNSO Study Group on Use of Names for Countries and Territories, ccNSO Finance Working Group.[3]

He attended ICANN Seoul[4] ICANN Nairobi[5] and ICANN Singapore.[6]

Career history

Earlier in his career, he was a Project Manager at ET Business College and Manager, Corporate Administration at Green Vision Group in 2008. From 2006-2008, he was the Manager at The Hong Kong Institute of Architects. He also worked as a Research Assistant at Research Centre for Humanities Computing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong for one year.[7]


Mr. Chan holds a Bachelors in Arts and a Master in Philosophy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.[8]