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Country: Germany

Since 2010, Horst Siffrin is currently a freelancer working as a management consultant with a focus on M & A. a Partner at Key-Systems GmbH.

Current position

Currently, Horst Siffrin occupies several positions:

  1. Partner in the Inter-Services Ltd.
  2. Frealancer as management consultant
  3. Chairman within the Supervisory Board of NameDrive Ltd[1]


Horst Siffrin holds an Bachelor Degree in Law and Business at the University of Saarland. [2]

Professional experience

Horst Siffrin has an amazing and outstanding professional experience:

  • 1970: as the first "free" car importer;
  • 1970 - 1979: He was Managing Partner at HOSiffrin & Co car imports;
  • 1972 - 1976: He was the Chairman of the Association of Independent Automobile Importers Association;
  • 1980 - 2009: He worked at The Foreign Office as First Counsellor, Counsellor and a Diplomatic for mission in Africa, Europa and Latin America. [3]
  • He was also an important Partner at Key-Systems Ltd. In this way, he participated to several ICANN public meetings especially during 2001-2003 as a representative of Key-Systems. [4]

About Key-Systems

Horst Siffrin played and still plays an important role within Key-Systems Ltd which is located in Germany and is focused on services related to domains such as: hosting, domain registration, internet, registrar solutions and other such aspects. In addition, Key-System was founded in 1998 and is currently an International ICANN accredited domain registrar. [5]