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UnderConstruction.png Humberto Rolando Carrasco Blanc is the Co-Founder and General Secretariat of ADI Chile. He also serves as the deputy for Chile and Latin America of the LEKTOR project.[1] He is also the Owner at Lexplan.[2]

Career History

Mr. Humberto started his career as the Director of Vlex Chile in 1998. In 2000, he joined as an external attorney and worked their till 2004. He founded LatLink.Net S.A in 2000 and held the role of Director until 2003. He founded Area Legal, an information technology law firm in 2003.

Mr. Carrasco regularly publishes in national and international legal journals.[3]


He graduated in Law from Universidad Austral de Chile. Mr. Carrasco has a Masters in Corporate law from Universidad del Desarrollo de Concepción and an LLM from Queen Mary College of London, with specialisation in Law of Finance & Foreign Investment in Emerging Economies, Intellectual Property in the Digital Millennium, Internet Law and Telecommunications Law.[4]